Robert Cook | Evansville's Premier Custom Home Builder




You have dreamed of designing your own home, and now you can. Robert Cook will guide you through every step and help you create a home that is all your own



We have extensive experience designing interiors that fit your lifestyle. Come home to a space that has been designed and crafted for you and your family. 



Your future home should be constructed in partnership with a master homebuilder, maintaining a watchful eye and hands-on management throughout the process.

Robert Cook is your Home Builder

Building on a tradition of craftsmanship and excellence, Homes by Robert Cook is known for incorporating striking design into a livable space, creating a home environment that is unique to you. Our team understands that you've worked hard to build a life for your family. We can help you create a space for you to live your life that is functional, inviting and beautiful. Robert Cook is a home builder that builds around you

Evansville's Oldest Home Builder

Homes by Robert Cook is a third generation home builder with roots in residential construction and custom home development dating back to the 1930's in Evansville, Indiana. When choosing a builder, work with a company that knows how to last. Build your custom home with a company who will be here for years to come.